Monday, June 3, 2013

Taming Big Data Storage with Crossroads Systems StrongBox

Big Data has burst onto the Information Technology scene. The confluence of advances in servers, analytic techniques and software has changed the way enterprises deal with computing infrastructures.  The variety, volume and velocity of Big Data are also accelerating. Diverse applications such as simulation, visualization, modeling, seismic, video surveillance, and analytics are creating and processing unprecedented amounts of unstructured information.  While these applications provide exciting new insights for business, they also place increasing requirements on the storage infrastructure and challenge storage management in a multitude of ways. Users of Big Data require new, innovative storage solutions to cost effectively manage this information while meeting demanding service levels and compliance needs. The StrongBox Big Data solution is a powerful new tool that integrates IBM tape libraries to simplify management of storage repositories and lower associated costs.
For more information on StrongBox see StrongBox . For the complete white paper go to Taming Big Data with StrongBox


  1. There is no doubt your blog LTO Ultrium Tapes is full fill with the common information nice post

  2. Thank Jeff. Since the original post, it seems that LTO Gen 6 tape is getting some traction in the marketplace. Here's a link to a recent article:

  3. I want to know more information about strongbox ..

    1. Bett, more information on StrongBox can be found at If you need to talk with someone, send me a note at and I'll get back to you.